Cathy Ematchoua invites you to explore her universe, a new genre of creative and conceptual visual identity. She brings a work of composition to measure, inspired by the desire to sublimate the gesture of the artist without freeing oneself from his own image. She develops a choreographic language, a gesture and an interpretation.

Sensitised from her young age to the contemporary therapeutic dance of her professor Franckie Handburger Chauve, Cathy pursued her studies at university and obtained a Bachelor of Arts of the spectacle option cinema.

Attracted by the techniques of image and writing, she completes her artistic training and specialises in the professions of realisation at the CEFPF; (European Center for Training in Film Production); realisation of documentary and short fiction, training in script and direction of actors.

Simultaneously she improved her technique at the International Academy of Dance and obtained the Examination of Technical Aptitude in jazz.


Versatile, she multiplies the experiences as a dancer interprets in different sectors of activity. Companies and dance festivals, television and advertising, cinema and theatre, as well as international cultural events.

In 2013, she decided to propose her body expression for the first time. She realises and choreographs a video concept ANTHURIUM, combining the movement of camera with the movement of the body to unite them in one and the same language.

She also had the opportunity to direct and choreograph the two video clips of Slimane Paname & Adieu and an advertisement for Perrier Jouet. In a few years, she has choreographed in different artistic fields.

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