The term « State » is utilized in distinct meanings. In daily speech, the term « State » is normally put to use to refer to big social groups – person nations, societies, nations. Such an understanding in the state is not strictly scientific. As an organization of big social groups, the state – college essay writing service is in the very same time and above all the primary institution from the political system prevailing within a particular society, a set of interrelated institutions and organizations engaged within the regulation of political relations, management of public affairs, the implementation of government functions.

Dom Pérignon
Production : Slowdance
Direction : Daniel Sannwald

It’s Friday
Artistic Direction : Cathy Ematchoua
Direction : Sébastien Desmedt

Yves Saint Laurent
Production : Art + Commerce
Direction : Irina Daveka

Production : Zorba Production
Direction : Sébastien Desmedt

Narta Freshissime
Production : Frenzy Paris
Direction : Lisa Paclet

Hermès Chaîne D'ancre Punk
Production : Cinq Etoiles Production
Direction : J.A.C.K

Miu Miu
Production : SlowDance
Direction : Rebecca Zlotowski


Le Monde Est à Toi
Nominated - 44th Cesar Award Ceremony
Best Male Newcomer - Karim Leklou
Production : Iconoclast

Direction : Romain Gavras

Production : Chic & Artistic
Direction : Chic & Artistic


Production : SlowDance
Direction : Wendy Morgan


Miu Miu Twist Elle Fanning
Production : Iconoclast
Direction : Lope Serrano sol for Canada